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So you wanna dance?

There are many forms of dance on this planet.   Some cultures use dance as a form of celebration, exercise, or as part of a ritual (whether to mark passage from youth to adulthood, or to attract a mate).   Whatever type of dance you are now engaged in, it is safe to say that dance, like art, has been around for centuries.

Dance is, ultimately, a form of expression of ourselves. The highest form of dance is the expression of who we are in truth, which is love. When we dance from this place, we reach higher and higher levels of expression which is infinite. The body likes it when we dance from this place. It becomes vibrant, alive, and dare I say, immortal.   The more we dance from a place of love, our environment also comes alive and is filled with this immortal light of God.

So how does one reach this level of expression? First, it is important to realize that we need to transmute the programming that the body has been inducted into where movement is forced upon the body as a way to manipulate an emotional response from the environment.   Start by becoming aware of your movements and where they are sourced. You can do this by standing still for a few minutes, then tune into your breathing.   Then allow your body to move with your breath and be present in each movement by allowing it to happen without judging it, or trying to make it look a certain way.   Allow this to evolve each time you come back to this exercise. Eventually, you will discover movements that matches your heart, where your breath is sourced and it is a pure expression of joy and love.

Let me know what you discover as you engage in this exercise!

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