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Grace So

RMT, Manual Osteopath, Angelic Reiki Master, Intuitive Counsellor

I am an RMT, Manual Osteopath, Angelic Reiki Master, Intuitive Counsellor & Advanced Somato-Respiratory Integration Educator & Facilitator on the 12 Stages of Healing.  

Currently, I have a private practice in Toronto.  I have also been coaching individuals and groups for the past 30+ years and am a Public Speaker on health and wellness, working extensively with chiropractors and other health care practitioners, community centers and corporations.   I have lead over 150 health and wellness workshops in Canada, US and UK.   I have a global vision that encompasses an evolutionary perspective that is empowering, enlightening, uplifting and healing.


Prior to opening a full-time health and wellness practice, I have worked in the corporate arena for over 25 years in the capacity of COO of a Lexpert, Director of Publications, Client Development Manager and Mortgage Officer.  

My own healing journey began at an early age when I became deaf in one ear at age 12, had two near-death experiences and came back each time with answers to my deeper questions like: Why are we here? Why is there pain, suffering, poverty, war, jealousy, hate, anger, shame, guilt, competition, death and dying? Why are we cut off from the universe and feel that we are alone in this world?

My quest has led me to connect with celestial beings after 2 near-death experiences, and to studying over 30 alternative healing modalities like Reiki, Lomi Massage, Manual Osteopathy, Huna, Matrix Energetics, Emotional & Mind Clearing, Raindrop Aromatherapy Massage, Live Cell Analysis, Nutrition, Access Consciousness, Sound Healing, and Sacred Geometry, to name a few.

I bring with me the gift of healing, intuition, wisdom, hope, empowerment and enlightenment, with a specific focus on helping people remove the blocks in their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies so that they can play an active role in taking command of their life as well as discovering and manifesting their own life’s purpose.

I often work on an intuitive level to achieve results that are sustainable by helping you create an environment that is aligned with universal energies.  This results in an expanding your awareness of how you can actively participate in your own evolution and transformation so that you can live from your most authentic self, experience your own personal power, and manifest your purpose and vision from a place of optimal health and wellness.

Those who have engaged in my services have expressed a profound level of  healing and clarity, as well as a deeper sense of harmony and balance within, resulting in connecting to their own Divinity and true Life’s Purpose.


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