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What is Angelic Reiki?

Angelic Reiki is considered the “New Reiki”. The session can either be a hands-on session that can be done in-person, or long distance. We will be working with the Angelic Kingdom of Light to bring one of the highest forms of transformation to help balance, harmonize, and empower you on a physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual level.
Angels are beings that exist in our experience. They help bring comfort, guidance, clarity, protection & energy whenever we request it. Here are some of the benefits of participating in an Angelic Reiki Session:
A long-distance session is 1 hour in length and will begin with 20 mins. conversation to help you focus on what needs to be healed, followed by a 20-30 mins Angelic Reiki session, and a 15-20 mins. follow-up call to help you ground and integrate the session. The energy experienced by most is incredibly transformative and can bring a level of calm, clarity, and serenity to your being that is empowering and healing.
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Somato-Respiratory Integration (12 Stages of Healing)

Somato Respiratory Integration (SRI) is a set of brain integration exercises, developed by Dr. Donald Epstein, that are designed to help your brain reconnect with your body so that you are more congruent with how you perceive the world, how you access more energy and how you can change your behaviors to be more in alignment with where you want to go.
In a session, you will be guided to use your breath, your energy and particular movements of your body to help reorganize your body and your mind so that you can:
As you improve on your ability to access energies within yourself, you will evolve to embody energy states that supports what you want to create in life.  The energy state(s) you normally embody determines what you create.  Which energy state(s) do you use regularly?
  • “Energy Poor” – is like a boat that is leaking and sinking and you can’t keep up with bailing water. When you are in an energy poor state, the choices that you make will primarily be from a place of worry, anxiety, safety and survival. You’ll build more walls with less windows and more locks on the door.
  • “Energy Neutral” – is like a boat that is leaking, but you are able to keep up with bailing water.  When you are in an energy neutral state, you will make choices based on survival, and keeping the status quo. Most people reside in this state.
  • “Energy Rich” – is like a boat that is not leaking at all, and the rowboat turns into a sailboat, which is powered by the wind and feeling more connected with everything.  You build more openspace with others, feeling that connection inside-out and outside – in.  When you are in an energy rich state, you make choices that benefit you, humanity, and nature.
As you progress through your SRI sessions, you will be able to choose the resources that are needed to create the life you wish to live. Some of those resources are bioenergy, emotions, thoughts, inspiration and knowingness.
Choosing quality thoughts, emotions and behaviors that support the life you want will help you to transmute the traumas and negative experiences in your body and in your mind that prevent you from living an empowered, fulfilled and meaningful life.
Remember these 3 things:
  • Your past only determines the future if you keep accessing the same resources, intelligence, energy or experiences;
  • If you ever felt that there is more to life than what you are living
    or experiencing, you are right!
  • When you bring your physical body, emotions, thoughts, behaviors, and perceptions into alignment, you experience all of WHO you are.
SRI can be accomplished using resources you already possess:  your breath, your energy and the movements of your body to create the changes you wish to experience in your life.