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Intuitive Counsellor

Intuitive Counselling

As an Intuitive Counsellor, I help you to raise your level of awareness to create a harmonious life that is aligned with your own values, goals and purpose. This involves exploring areas that are out of balance, assessing concrete actions you can take to immediately bring your life back into balance and harmony so that you can become highly effective in your relationships, work, and personal life.
My counselling sessions can be done over the phone or via Skype, and will involve:

As we work together, you will gain a tremendous amount of clarity, strength, and conviction for creating a quality lifestyle. All it takes is a desire to experience the changes you want, and a deep commitment to take the actions necessary to align your entire consciousness, your mind, and your heart so that you can personally experience these changes in your life. If you are ready to get started, contact me for a Free Consultation (approximately 30 minutes in length).

You can also contact me to book a session or if you have any questions.

Quantum Frequency Coaching

Have you every wondered why things don’t seem to change no matter what you do? That it feels like you are spinning your wheels in circles so much so, that your system gets tired, depressed and uninspired?
The reason could be that the change that you are envisioning for yourself needs to happen on a much deeper and quantum level. This level is where the blueprint of all that you want in your life exists. In order to bring this into physical manifestation, you must raise your own vibration and frequency to “match” that which you want in your life.
As a Quantum Frequency Coach, I can:
We will be using the Healy Professional Coaching frequency device, which has a quantum sensor that analyzes the frequencies you need and transmits them to your body to bring it back into alignment with your original blueprint so that you can experience optimal health, vitality and well being. This device also supports your intentions. Every intention that you have in your mind sets out a vibrational frequency that calls it into being, thus engaging in the Law of Attraction.
Each session is done remotely and can be booked one hour or more in length.