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Let’s Get Physical

What does it mean to get physically fit and active?   When you hear that term what does it mean to you?   Do you feel a sense of upliftment, or do you have at the back of your mind a voice that says “I have to become more fit, because …. ‘my doctor says so’; ‘because I want to feel better about myself’; ‘I want to attract my mate’, ‘I want to live longer’.”

Whatever message you have believed to be true that have spurred you onto this path of getting physically fit which could involve getting physical tests, employing health care practitioners, hiring a personal trainer, joining a gym, going on a diet, etc., I would recommend that you step back and look at it from a different angle, and engage in a broader perspective that would, hopefully, assist you in achieving the result that you want.

Getting physically fit and active as an end of itself is probably a good thing if it’s to promote your health and longevity so that you live longer and have a better quality life here on this planet.   However, very few people make it a lifestyle change that is permanent as more often than most, people find it’s an uphill battle, or as some would term it, a “roller coaster ride” where you achieve the result you want, then as the years go by, you find yourself right back where you started.   Each time you start over, there’s less and less enthusiasm to get back on the treadmill to try and bend your body to your will.

It is important to understand that to make any permanent change in one’s life, one must look at the highest level of motivation and purpose.   If the purpose you started off with did not achieve the result you’re looking for, then perhaps a higher level of purpose must be birthed to create a new level of being.

So what is the highest level of purpose that you can engage in?   I would suggest embodying a purpose that would include not only being a contributing force in your life, your community, work, but also for the planet.   If you can understand that everything that you participate in affects the whole planet, it would require a higher level of consciousness and presence within one’s self.   This new purpose would probably inspire you to create a physical environment (inclusive of your physical, mental and emotional environment) that could embody and radiate this high level of vibration.   When you intend to create from this place, an infinite spectrum of reality will open up to you in regards to what needs to be done to create such an environment within one’s own self so that that energy can start to transform every cell of your being, inclusive of your physical embodiment, to align with that new purpose or new level of experience.

Every human being is a creator, with a different set of perceptions, circumstances, and life experiences, which ultimately influences their physical well being and health. There are no real formulas as to how one can change their physical body, however, there is a central place from which to start:   that place within you which is connected to a never ending flow of love, inspiration, and empowerment. When you connect to this center, you will be guided by your inspiration in regards to what your next steps are to align your physical body to that purpose.   If you can embody this, not as a concept, but as a reality in your life, see how this can change your whole perception, and thereby your physical body.

From there, you can then start to set physical goals for yourself that’s aligned with a higher purpose.

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