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How to Transform Stress in Your Life

Stress has been touted as the #1 cause of illness, lack of sleep, emotional upheaval or even life threatening disease.   Stress can be categorized as either bad stress or good stress.

Bad stress are all the thoughts, feelings, actions and circumstances that create a negative outcome or reaction (e.g., eating food that isn’t good for you, loss of a loved one due to illness, divorce, trauma, addictions to drugs, alcohol, or sex, to name a few) .

Good stress are those thoughts, feelings, actions and circumstances that create a positive outcome (e.g., feeling muscle stress after a good workout at the gym, starting a new project, etc).

Depending on how you are positioned in your consciousness, you can view bad stress as bad and good stress as good, or you may even have it reversed so that you see the good stress as bad and the bad stress as good.

Regardless of your perception, to transform stress in one’s life you need to have a desire to know what is causing the stress and what to do about it.   This desire is the fuel needed for transformation.

The first step in transforming stress in your life is awareness.   Become aware of what is causing the stress in your life vs reacting to the circumstances that you find yourself in, or inventing a reason or explanation why this is happening.

Another step you can take is to freeze the circumstance for a moment, and look at the situation more closely.   Get in touch with how you really feel in your heart about the situation, and be honest about what results you want to manifest.

If your mind feeds you answers that are harmful to you or others, or is negative in any way, shape or form, then look deeper. That is, go past all the negativity to the core of your heart to find the answers. Real answers come in the form of love, forgiveness, kindness, and contributes to your life and others.   Anything else other than a positive outlook will only lead to more stress, or temporary relief that could be fraught with guilt or more fear.

When you give yourself a chance to find real answers, then miracles can manifest. The kind of miracle that brings immense sense of power, love, understanding as well as a renewed sense of joy.

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