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Embracing Change

Change can come in many forms in one’s life: change in one’s roles and responsibilities in the workplace, change in one’s relationships (divorce, children leaving home, losing a partner), or even change in one’s environment (political, economical, and/or physical location).

For many, life can be challenging when change happens in one’s life that are not of one’s choosing. It can especially be challenging when these changes occur unexpectedly. So, how does one go about managing these changes so that you stay centered, grounded and in command vs. becoming a victim of, or resistant to, the changes that are occurring?

A way to stay open and in command of the changes that are occurring is to be honest and open with yourself on how you feel about these changes in your life and what outcome you desire from your heart.   Being  sincere and honest can bring immense relief, even though you may not know the answers on how to embrace change as of yet.   I would also urge you to keep exploring what is going on in your consciousness and to ask some empowering questions, such as:

  • What thoughts am I harboring – are they worrisome thoughts, or are they positive, uplifting thoughts?
  • What attitudes and beliefs do I need to change to create a more positive outlook in my life?
  • What actions do I need to take now to contribute to the circumstances so that everyone benefits?

By asking empowering questions, you may find yourself back in the driver seat where you are not only embracing change, but becoming the instigator of change from the inside out.   Only you can create the quality of life you want to live and the level of happiness you want to experience.   So, to embrace change means to embrace a new level of perception, which you have command over.  No one can change your mind except you!

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