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Dealing with Anxiety

The best place to start in addressing anxiety is to find that core within you that is light years beyond what causes you anxiety. This does not mean to disengage from your physical body, mind and emotions so that you’re living in a fantasy world.   It does mean, however, finding that place within you that is pure, solid, and unchanging.

The best way to find that without too much thought (as thoughts themselves can create even more anxiety), is to sit in a quiet place, gently close your eyes, and focus on your breath. And as you breathe, locate where the core of your breath is within your physical body.   Put your attention there for a few minutes, and if any thoughts come up, just put them aside and allow your attention to focus instead on your breath and on your presence.   If your thoughts keep interrupting your experience of this breath, just gently put it aside and refocus your attention on your breath.   After a few minutes, you should feel a sense of peace within you. This is a constant feeling that is pure and solid.   It has always been there, but has been obscured by the thoughts in your mind.

Now that you have found that core, then look at what is it that is causing you to feel anxious.   The first thing that your mind may come up with may be circumstantial, or has to do with things or circumstances outside of you, and it may even give you reasons why these circumstances exist in your life and/or who is to blame and what needs to be done to resolve this.   And, it may even tell you that once you pursue resolving this, then you will feel peace again.   You may temporarily feel peace, and then something occurs and the anxiety starts all over again. So how do you get off the roller coaster ride of an anxiety ridden life?

Try and spend at least 5-10 minutes a day to stop the thinking mind from riding you to that place where it starts to churn up all kinds of fear and anxiety.   Get back to that place of peace within, and in that place of stillness, ask for divine guidance and help in resolving this situation, and wait and see what comes up in the form of inspiration. If your mind starts serving up ideas that are competitive, negative, or unattainable, then that is not divine inspiration. Divine inspiration always come in the form of love, gratitude, security, peace and joy for you and everyone around you. From that place, you can act.   Every time you do this exercise, you will start to transmute that part of your mind that kicks up thoughts that create anxiety.   Eventually, the emotions embedded in your physical body will start to heal and wouldn’t be so polarized whenever a thought enters your mind that could potentially cause anxiety.

I hope you enjoyed this blog. Feel free to email or leave a comment about the types of anxiety you are dealing with, and if this exercise and perspective has helped you?

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