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How to Create the Life You Want

attractive couple in meadow looking at sun-3496213_sTo create the life you want, one must start from a place of clarity.   The most important of which is clarity about the environment you find yourself in before you determine what steps you need to take to succeed.   It is likened to a gardener who must first prepare the soil before planting the seeds to create a beautiful garden.

You can start by assessing your thoughts and feelings about the goals you wish to manifest.  Do they bring you joy, happiness, and excitement?  Or do you feel discouraged before you even begin?   Our goals are like seeds that need water, sunlight, and good, nourishing soil to flourish and grow.  When you deprive yourself of any of these elements by harboring negative thoughts and feelings, you may find it increasingly difficult to manifest what you want in life.

For example, if you wish to create a fit and toned body, but harbor hateful and judgemental thoughts about your physical body, you may find it difficult to make any changes that would be sustainable, let alone have the motivation to continue.   Rather than create an environment where you go to war with your physical body by trying to whip it into shape through diet, exercise and cleanses, why not try something different?

That is, start with an appreciation and love for what it can do.   Tune into how it feels when you eat certain foods, or think negative thoughts (about yourself or others). This awareness will hopefully motivate you to change your mental and emotional environment  which will then lead to changing your physical environment (by choosing to eat foods that promote health and vitality, or sourcing out an exercise program that brings you joy).

So, to change your life requires that you put yourself in the right context, and start from a place of love, power and appreciation.  In so doing, you may be inspired to take different actions that will lead you to succeed and sustain the changes you desire forever!

I send you much love and blessings to create the life you want so that it becomes a reality for you here, now!

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