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Which Track on You On?

There are 2 tracks that are manifesting on this planet:   the track of the finite where death, dying, stress, turmoil and confusion is experienced; and the track of the infinite where love, beauty, truth and prosperity exists.

This distinction is even more prevalent on the planet as we merge more and more with technology, allowing it to replace our everyday experience of life.  For some, this would manifest simply as watching TV to “relax” and for others, it could be endless texting vs connecting in person.   Yet, despite it all, there seems to be an odd sense of “comfort” or “safety” in having this barrier between you and your experience of yourself, or you and your experience of life.  If one were to examine it more closely, however, you would probably find a lot of people are feeling even more uncertainty and stress in their lives.

The stress that we are experiencing is what I would term technological stress:  where technology is evolving at such a rapid rate, that we feel we can’t keep up with the changes.   We become more and more dependent on technology to tell us how we should function and even how we should relate to each other.  Eventually, it feels like life is on a treadmill that never ends.

Evolutionary Context

So, how can one get off this treadmill back to a reality where your heart is longing to be on:  a reality where clarity, love, beauty, truth and prosperity is your everyday experience?

In order to do this, you need to get back on track with your own evolution as a human being:  the natural evolution of who you are as an infinite being where you are imbued with knowing, inspiration, and infinite energy to create the life you are meant to live.  In essence, coming home to who you are; evolving out of this finite, limited experience to one that is infinite, solid, grounded and real; and manifesting from that reality.

This evolutionary context encompasses shifting your consciousness to see, experience and manifest your life from a place that is real, a place where there is clarity, empowerment, inspiration, and love.

This shift will encompass having the courage to look at areas of your life that require transformation and transmutation.  It will require you to have patience and love as you gently take command of your own mind and your own physical body and direct it to align with what you know is true and real in your own heart.

Here are some ideas that you can engage in on a daily basis to gently place yourself on that path of transformation:

(1)  Aware – become aware of your state of mind, your emotions and how you feel physically by spending time each day connecting with your breath;

(2) Acknowledge – acknowledge where you are and whether your current state brings you happiness and joy; if not, then make a new statement that is aligned with your heart’s desire by affirming what you wish to experience in each given moment;

(3) Allow – set aside doubt and negative thinking and allow your mind to find creative ways to make the changes you desire.

As you practice these 3 things on a daily basis, you will experience subtle changes from the inside out.  Changes that will transform your thoughts, uplift your spirit and energize and contribute to a higher level of being.

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