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Resurrecting Kindness: An Act of Love

We live in a world where technology has captured our attention and focus that we sometimes forget that we are a part of nature. That nature exists not only within but all around us which reminds us that we are capable of kindness.    What is kindness? It is that unadulterated expression of love from our hearts that reaches beyond our own set of perceptions about life and our circumstances to touch another being; it is an appreciation for life, and the determination to preserve life.

Here are some wonderful examples of how our fellow humans have reached out and offered help to animals who found themselves in some pretty dire circumstances:

Acting from a place of kindness requires you just let go and respond from the heart without thinking about it …. it is a place where one rises to the occasion and takes responsibility without waiting for help to arrive because the moment is now, and you’re there to respond now, as that help.

We are all here together on this beautiful planet. This really is our home.   What can you do to reach out with love, kindness and determination? Determination is not about making something happen, but surrendering to the desire of what is real in your heart, with the full knowledge and faith that this is true for you and standing behind that knowing.

I would encourage you to explore what areas in your life you need to take action now, respond now, without having to wait for others, or events to arrive. Go beyond the mind that thinks what if? (ie what if I respond this way, how will that person react, what will that person think it will mean?) and see if you can resurrect a feeling and appreciation for life, including an appreciation for who you are and what you have to offer now.

Some people may respond by having negative emotions or thoughts about the entire situation, but I would urge you to go even beyond that emotional reaction to a place where there is love, peace and knowing. That place where you simply know that what you’re doing is aligned with your heart and you don’t need a reason to be or to act. It simply is.


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