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Creating Miracles in the Universe

People have been praying for miracles for thousands of years. Some have experienced miracles while others have not, despite their heartfelt longing for a miracle to occur.   So why are there such discrepancies in people’s experiences? Why can’t all miracles manifest?

Definition of a Miracle

To begin, let’s look at the definition of a miracle.   The Webster’s dictionary defines a miracle as: (1) an extraordinary event manifesting divine intervention in human affairs; (2) an extremely outstanding or unusual event, thing, or accomplishment; (3) Christian Science: a divinely natural phenomenon experienced humanly as the fulfillment of spiritual law.

Miracles are defined as surviving extraordinary events, which can include natural disasters, terminal illness, or escaping life threatening situations, or even death. The miracles can sometimes be attributed to a miracle worker, religious leader, saint or supernatural being. So how can we bridge the gap so that this divine natural phenomenon can be part of our everyday life experience?

Positioning Yourself as a Creator

Oftentimes we think miracles happen outside of ourselves or to us. If we take a step back, and perceive it differently, we come face to face with a deeper truth: that we are, in fact, co-creators of these miracles. We create with our minds, we feel with your hearts, and we experience on a physical level the manifestation of what our hearts and minds believe as true.

I firmly believe that the outcome of a miracle is dependent on how we are positioned within ourselves.   In other words, you can’t believe you are a creator on one level (i.e., where you believe you create your physical everyday experience) and not a creator on a miracle level (extraordinary experiences outside your everyday experience).

The first miracle we really need is the restoration and experience of ourselves as divine beings: creators in the universe where we can experience divine fulfillment in our human embodiment.

How does one go about restoring one’s experience as a divine being so that we can access and create miracles here now? A place to start is to uproot all the thoughts, feelings and actions that are not aligned with the truth that we are a divine manifestation of God. Eliminate all that is not divine to experience what is. This could mean a number of things, which could include stopping any negative self talk like “I’m not good enough, worthy enough, rich enough, etc.”; deliberately manipulating one’s self in situations that are not supportive; or believing negative feedback that does not support that divine truth.

Once you have restored your experience as a divine being, then you are positioned to manifest your miracle.

Creating a Miracle

Creating a miracle requires you to be honest, integral and active which means embracing the belief and experience that you are divine versus not; allowing only those thoughts, ideas, feelings that support the belief that you are divine; and taking conscious action from your divine essence vs. reacting to the circumstances around you.

The state and position of a miracle worker can thus be said to include:

  1. Prayer (state of one’s heart) – one’s heartfelt plea or cry for the restoration of the divine; your sincerity of feeling merged with your vision;
  2. Belief (state of mind) – your belief that the miracle you are seeking, or asking for has already manifested or is coming and is just travelling through space and time to reach your reality;
  3. Surrender (state of physical being) – the act of offering up your prayer to the divine forces of nature to help you in manifesting your prayer.


When one activates the power of miracles through prayer, you are transported to another realm of experience where your active participation is required for the manifestation of that miracle, which is faith and conscious action.

So the next time you activate a desire to manifest a miracle in your life, remember that you already have the power within you. It’s just a matter of resurrecting your divinity, so that you can become an active participant as one of the forces of nature in co-creating that miracle you have called forth through prayer, whether spoken out loud or not.   In other words, you as a divine being and creator need to be there to receive what you’ve call forth: to give through prayer and to receive through faith.

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